Sunday, October 16, 2011

Behavior Management

From the Star
So.... behavior management for a Kindergarten class. Who would have thought that at  such a young age a child would actually purposely choose not to listen? Well, if you teach Kindergarten you know that this is not crazy sadly. I have a child now that I am really struggling with. He is very smart and mature for his age, but he doesn't listen at all. This child not only does what he wants when he wants but he does things that are unsafe. He climbs on chairs and jumps off and climbs on bookshelves. I have spoken to him many times about the choices that he is choosing to make and I have him on a behavior plan. I am finding that while the behavior plan works a little. it's not working well enough. He is hitting other children, still climbing on objects and doing whatever he wants to do during our whole group times.

When he came to my class he was ripping up papers and throwing fits and destroying items in the classroom which is why I initially set up the behavior plan.  That did fix some of the behaviors but not enough of them. I am now at a struggle as to what I should do since now he has other students who are wanting to follow his bad choices. He doesn't seem to care about losing play or recess and he throws huge fits when I get upset with him and usually ends up destroying something in my room.  I have my hands full and I am looking for some advice or suggestions on how to handle a Kindergartner who is struggling to follow the daily routine.

While I am facing these issues with this child I still have to say that I love my job and I will do everything I can to help this child to fit into the classroom routines and learn how to accommodate my own teaching styles to make my class the most safe and positive learning environment that it can possibly be for the success of my students. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me in a comment.. Thanks!