Tuesday, September 15, 2009


From the Star

Today I received my first paycheck and “WOWZERS” - I’M RICH!!! I’ve never seen this much money at one time in my life. I can’t even imagine having this much money at one time, although I guess I can now, because there it is in my bank account! Now what to do with all this money? Maybe I'll go on vacation, take the girls out, be nice and take the boyfriend out - HMMM! Oh yeah, that’s right - with the big paycheck comes real life - paying all these bills that I have never had to pay before. Sorry girls. Sorry Jordan. I guess my vacation will just have to wait. By the way who knew that having a car could be so expensive?! Do you know how much insurance costs? Whew! But, I’m not worried I’m rich, rich, rich. I’m not sure that I have even made this much money in a whole month before. I don’t know what to do with myself. I guess I’ll just think about all of the money that I can save for that great vacation over spring break. Yep, that is what I am going to do because now you can just call me money bags ! I can pay all my big girl bills and save money all at the same time. I love payday!

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