Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to School

From the Star

The time has come to go back to school. I can actually say that I feel very prepared for the first time since the school year has started! I'm sure that the reason that I feel this way is because of all the rest I got aver the winter break but also because of all the planning I did. Although I only went to school once over vacation and stayed just under 2 hours, just long enough to get all the folders and binders that I needed to plan, I spent hours and hours at home planning. I guess those people that think we have such a "cake" job don't count all those hours. Oh, if only they knew.

Now, let's talk about what they call a winter break. I mean is it really a break? I can say that it is a physical break for sure, but I don't know how much of a break it really is when you can't stop thinking about all the things to do when you get back. I tried my hardest to really enjoy my family and friends and put school completely out of my mind, but I found myself letting school seep right into my thoughts- wondering how I could make a difference with a certain student or wondering what I needed to do to get some of my students ready for the state test. Of course now that school is back in gear, I am very grateful for the time I spent on my vacation working. It does give me a sense of calm as I come to our Planning Day.

I do wonder however who the smart guy was that decided to have us come back the Friday before the kids come back? I mean, really, couldn't we just enjoy one more day and the last weekend with our friends and family? I mean the planning day is nice but having it on a Monday would have been nicer!

While I feel very prepared right now, I am sure that in a week I will be just as stressed and crazy as ever. Our state tests, Florida Writes and the FCAT are just around the corner. (One of the kids told me that FCAT stands for Florida Children Are Tortured!) I teach a combination 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class so ALL of my little friends are taking some part of the state test! No pressure, right? -especially for a new teacher? Anyone have any suggestions for priorities in these last few weeks leading up to the test?

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