Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FAIR Results

From the Star
Yesterday was my FAIR day and I was a little worried considering I have all third graders for the first time and a lot of my students seem to be right at grade level or below - not to mention that we have a new principal who came from a Title 1 school who is all about the paper work and supporting your PMP's with resources and paper, of course. I would say from my perspective of being the reading teacher, that the scores are not good. I know they say not to lean on these results too much but how can you ignore the scores when they are an FCAT predictor. Of course, I already have interventions in place and most of the students who scored low are already in extra interventions outside of the classroom. While I am worried I am hoping that with all of the support that the students are getting in and out of the classroom they will end up being successful and at least making gains in learning. I am interested to see how other teachers' FAIR scores look to find out if it is just my scores or if more people are seeing some students who should not be low in the red or the low yellow zone. I am wondering because while reviewing my results I did notice that some of the students who I didn't see or even imagine scoring low scored a lot lower than I would have thought. If anyone has comments, please feel free to leave them.

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