Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Life as a Wonderer

As I think about my life as a scientist I know that I use the scientific method in almost all I do. This may be because I am always wondering or it may be the fact that I am a little OCD and very much an exaggerator. I seem to think that I am always right and I support this by stretching the facts a little bit, or as my mother would like to say, "She is very creative in storytelling." This may be true but I find that this helps me to solve the simple questions that I ask myself each day. I seem to find comfort in telling stories whether even if they are a little exaggerated. I find that it helps me to release my wonderings and often helps me talk through my wonderings with others so I can come to a more reasonable solution.

I have found that what I am often asking if I am doing all that I can to make my students successful and are they really "getting" what I am teaching them? These are questions that I seem to ask myself often throughout the day whether I feel that the majority of my students are getting the main objective or not. I have found myself pondering why I stress so much about it. While I know a majority will get the skill, I also know that others may take much longer to fully grasp the skill. Why does math come so easily to me but then reading and problem solving seem to be much harder skills for me? Why are some of us are visual learners and others auditory? I guess I will continue to have wonderings about these things and keep telling "stories" until I can come up with an explanation that makes sense. So until then I guess that I will keep on wondering!

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