Saturday, May 29, 2010

Teacher Gossip

From the Star

So, as I have mentioned before, I am going to be working at my same school next year in a primary multi-aged classroom which is so exciting! While I am super excited about the job the "teacher talk" around here is really starting to take a toll.

There is a new school opening up down the road from here and they will be taking around one hundred to one hundred and fifty of our students. With this happening, our school had to cut five teachers. You might remember that I was the last hired. Only three of the teachers from my school volunteered to leave and go to a new school. The other two teachers that were put on the list to go did not want to leave and they were determined to fight for their positions. When all was said and done they were not asked to stay so they took jobs at the new school. While I had assumed that I would be one of the ones to go, since I was the last hired, I was surprised but thrilled to be staying! When the word got out that I had been offered a position to stay at my school, the gossip began....

When I found out I had a primary job at my school for next year, I was floored but just so overjoyed I could barely speak! I was finally going to be working with the age group that I had been wanting. As the word weaved its way through the teacher grapevine, I received a call from one of the teachers leaving. She was really angry. She said that I should not be invited to stay over her because I was hired after her. She went on to say "good luck " dripping with sarcasm. I took the conversation with a grain of salt. I was just too excited. As the next day rolled around that same teacher found me and continued to rant about how she should be staying. I reminded her that being first year teachers, we were lucky to even have jobs for next year! But she said she was still upset about the whole situation. I guess I can understand her anger and I could have sympathized with her. I didn't really understand the politics of it all either, but then she started to slam the team that I am going to be joining next year! I just ignored everything that she said and kept enjoying the fact that I would be working in Primary next year with a team who I have heard from everyone else is amazing and very organized. As the day went on another teacher said that she had worked with the team that I was going to be joining and that it was awful. She said it had been the worst year of her life! I am truthfully amazed when I think of how these teachers disrespected their school and their staff. So in the end I guess I am glad that they will not be teaching at my school after all!

Do all schools have teachers who are so negative and who say such discouraging things? How do you handle a situation when you don't really understand why a decision was made and how do you handle that kind of teacher gossip?

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