Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Year of Kindergarten Teachers

From the Apple
In our family, this is the year of the Kindergarten teacher.  Not only is my daughter Courtney in her first year as a Kindergarten teacher, but my daughter-in-law has also returned to Kindergarten!  I am fortunate enough to have the room next to her room and get to spend part of the day with her as her inclusion Special Education teacher.  To really make it a family affair, her daughter, my oldest grandchild joined us this year as a Kindergarten student at our school!  How cool is that?!  No, she's not in our class, but we have the opportunity to see her all during the day - at lunch, on the playground, passing in the hall! The picture to the right is my little darling after her first day in Kindergarten.  The mask and cape are part of our school's theme  of superheroes - "empowering the future" and the flowers are from her Dad who couldn't be there for her first day.  It really makes the Kindergarten experience special this year to be able to share it with ALL of my family!

Courtney and I will continue to blog this year about our Kindergarten experiences - 150 miles apart  - Courtney at the beginning of her career as I begin to see the sunset of my own.  What can we learn from each other?  Stick around and see...

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