Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kindergarten! Wahoo!

From the Star
So, my mom is right.  It really is the year for kindergarten and boy am I lucky that I have so many wonderful people to help me out this year.  I have found that the most successful teachers are those that are open to new ideas and change. I hope that as I continue to teach that I grow and learn each year and never settle to just doing things the way I've always done them. I feel that our children deserve the best that we can offer.

I am truly happy this year that I have my family and so many great Kindergarten teachers at my school. I have found that as I try new things with my class that there is just a bubble of happiness because I truly love what I am doing. My soon to be sister-n-law told me the other day that she had noticed that this is the first year that she has seen me really happy since I started teaching three years ago. I know that in the past years I have been so stressed and overwhelmed with being out of my comfort zone. In previous years I would go home crying wondering when I would actually feel comfortable in the grade that I was teaching. I can honestly say that that day never truly came. While I learned a lot and watched my children learn, I was always ill at ease and wondering if I was doing everything correctly. And, while I think those feelings will always exist somewhat, this is the first year that I am actually having a blast while teaching and teaching without stressing. I can truly say that I am a primary teacher and this is where I hope to stay until I retire! I finally feel right at home. So, when my soon to be sister-n-law said she had never seen me happier I think she meant that this is the first year that I am truly smiling from ear to ear because I am having so much fun and learning so much. This year is truly going to be a great year!!

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